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Our Philosophy

Masters in The Science of Sharpology

Here at Newmarket Blade & Knife Sharpening, you will benefit from the science we have perfected, Sharpology. This means that we guarantee all items serviced by our expert technicians are razor sharp.

Through thousands of hours of sharpening and experimentation, we have broken down the process of getting a razor sharp edge into an absolute science. Every individual tool we service has gone through rigorous testing to identify the premier approach to not only getting a sharp edge, but also making sure it stays sharp.

Any instrument with a blade will eventually become worn out and chipped, increasing drag and fatigue and decreasing output. Because dull blades need more effort to use, they pose a possible safety risk and raise the risk of injury. We firmly believe that a sharp blade is a safe blade!

Request a quote today to experience the benefits of the science of Sharpology for yourself.

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