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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are our bread and butter.  Small or large, Western or Asian style, single bevel or double bevel, we do it all.

$1.50 per knife inch (minimum $6)

Fixed & Folding Blades

Whether an every day carry, or a specialty tool, sharp pocket/utility knives are essential tools for those who carry them.

$10-$20 per blade

Knife & Blade Repair

Bolster grinding, chip repair, tip repair, rust removal, edge regrinding, etc.

Free for minor repairs

$5+ for chips, dents, tip restoration, bolster grinding, thinning, etc

Kitchen Blades

Food processor / juicer, pizza wheels, meat grinders, mandolins, peelers, can openers, etc

$5-$20 per blade

Scissors & Shears

Household scissors, kitchen scissors, poultry shears, fabric shears, pinking shears, kitchen shears, tailor shears, etc

$10 kitchen scissors

$15 sewing shears

Saw Blades

Carbide saw blades, cold cut blades & HSS, friction blades, etc

Rotary & Reel Mower Blades

Reel mowers, rotary mowers, gas mowers, electric mowers, etc. A sharper bladed means less work, less passes, and a greener lawn.

Rotary (regular) mower - $20

Reel mower - $ 60


Hockey, goalie, & figure skates. Multiple radius available to fit your specific needs

$12 per pair - hockey

$12 per pair - goalie

$18 per pair - figure

Chainsaw Chains

Gas or electric, big or small, we do it all. **bring chain off of machine**

$18 per chain

$15 per chain (3+ chains)

Chisels, Planers, & Hand Tools

Get cleaner cuts and and increased precision with sharp tools.

$10 per blade

$5 for grinding a new edge

Cutting Board Resurfacing 

We plane the surface of any material to reduce contamination, rather than sanding. This prevents a rough surface, minimizing the growth of bacteria.

$15+ per cutting board

Garden Shears & Tools

$10 sheers, pruner, secateurs, lopper

$5 shovels

$5 spades

 $5 hoes

$5 trowel

$15 scythe

$15 sickle

$5 edger

$20+ machete

$2.5/inch hedge trimmers

Specialty Blades

Got a fun but unusual blade that you need to get sharpened? Reach out to us !

Drill Bits & Augers

sharper auger bits allow for cleaner cuts at a more efficient speed. no matter the size, it can be done.

$7 per unit

Axes & Hatchets

Save your back by chopping with sharp tools.

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