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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are our bread and butter.  Small or large, Western or Asian style, single bevel or double bevel, we do it all.

$1.50 per knife inch (minimum $8)

Japanese knives:

$2.00 per knife inch (minimum $10)

Fixed & Folding Blades

Whether an every day carry, or a specialty tool, sharp pocket/utility knives are essential tools for those who carry them.

$12-$20 per blade

Knife & Blade Repair

Bolster grinding, chip repair, tip repair, rust removal, edge regrinding, etc.

$5+ for chips, dents, tip restoration, bolster grinding, thinning, etc

Kitchen & Fabric  Scissors

Household scissors, kitchen scissors, poultry shears, fabric shears, pinking shears, kitchen shears, tailor shears, etc

$15 kitchen scissors

$20 sewing shears

Barber, Beauty,  & Grooming scissors

Convex, beveled, barber, thinning,  curved, point cutting, blunt cutting, chunkers, serrated, left-handed & more. Specializing in high end Japanese shears

$40 per pair

Human and Animal Clipper Blades

Sharpening all kinds of steel and ceramic A5 clipper blades. 5-in-1 blade sharpening coming soon

$20 per pair

Rotary & Reel Mower Blades

Reel mowers, rotary mowers, gas mowers, electric mowers, etc. A sharper bladed means less work, less passes, and a greener lawn.

Rotary (regular) mower - $20

Reel mower - $ 60

Kitchen Blades

Food processor / juicer, pizza wheels, meat grinders, mandolins, peelers, can openers, etc

$5-$20 per blade

Chainsaw Chains

Gas or electric, big or small, we do it all. **bring chain off of machine**

$18 per chain

$15 per chain (3+ chains)

Chisels, Planers, & Hand Tools

Get cleaner cuts and and increased precision with sharp tools.

$10 per chisel blade

$12 per cutting edge of planner blade

+$5 for grinding a new edge

Garden Shears & Tools

$13 sheers, pruner, secateurs, lopper

$10 shovels

$10 spades

 $10 hoes

$10 trowel

$15 scythe

$15 sickle

$10 edger

$20+ machete

$2.5/inch hedge trimmers

Specialty Blades

Got a fun but unusual blade that you need to get sharpened? Reach out to us !

Restoration & Preservation of vintage blades

We have revived everything from 100 year old scissors to 300 year old swords. No one is better suited for this type of project than us!

Axes & Hatchets

Save your back by chopping with sharp tools.

Saw Blades

Carbide saw blades, cold cut blades & HSS, friction blades, etc

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